Grandparents Never Die, They Become Invisible… Everyone Must Read This, It’s Heartwarming!

Grandparents don’t die, we simply can’t see them. But, they sleep forever deep in our hearts. Even today we would like to hear their voice and listen to what they have to say. We miss their tenderness, love, and care.

While our grandparents can see us grow from babies to adults, we must see them age and leave this world. Death of a grandparent is usually the first thing we have to witness. Probably, the first farewell we have to face.

Moreover, grandparents develop a very special bond with their grandchildren. That strong bond teaches us about love, appreciation, and respect. But, dealing with a loss of a grandparent can have a heavy impact on a child.

That is why we would like to reflect on that subject.

Dealing with Loss

It is truly a privilege to have a grandparent who will be there for you until you have reached adulthood.

Furthermore, when we are children, we do not understand the magnitude of loss, since we can’t explain nor fully understand what has happened to a grandparent. As a result, it softens the death, and it ‘’doesn’t hurt’’.

The best way to soften the blow is for adults to explain clearly to their child. In fact, they should tell them the truth. In addition, parents should be as honest as they possibly can.No metaphors, like ”your grandparent, is in the skies”, but only the truth.

Furthermore, if you are trying to explain death to a child from a religious standpoint, remember that the young one can only take in a limited amount of information. Therefore, it is important to show them the meaning of emotions and feelings.

Teach them that death is not a taboo. Speak freely and be open. In time, the child will understand the meaning of death.

They Are Always Present

You may not believe it, but grandparents are always present in our lives. They are in the most common places you used to share as a family. Moreover, grandparents will always have a place in our heart. They will guide us with their memory.

Plus, they are present in the things they used to make. Whether it was a dress, furniture, or anything else they made with their own two hands. So, keep those mementos and cherish them.

The wisdom we received from them, the stories they shared, and the knots we tied, will show us the way. They will always be there to assist us. They show us how to be ourselves. How to walk our own pace and enjoy every moment we have left.

Sharing In Silence

We may not hear or see them, but their gentle caress lasts forever. Our grandparents are in the simplest things. Even in those shabby old heirlooms, they left us. What we can do is love, honor, and remember them every day.

This is the type of love that goes beyond words. This is how real eternity looks like. The love of our grandparents is something we can’t let ourselves forget. So, remind yourself of the love you feel for them.

But, don’t forget to smile. Share the care, love, and appreciation that your grandparents thought you with the people around you. This way, you can honor their memory and show that you have truly learned something amazing from them.