Twins Waves in Risky Surgery Inside the Mother’s Womb [ VIDEO ]

The images speak for themselves. Have you ever imagined staying with such a memory to show to your children and grandchildren?

What if you could see your baby (who was not yet born) “waving” and kicking inside the womb? It would be a dream, would not it? For the dads Sarah and Dan Maund, resident in the UK, it was something real!

In fact – and even if it was not for the best reasons – the couple was left with a memory (in video and photography) absolutely unforgettable!

At the 22nd week of pregnancy, twins Sebastian and Harry were diagnosed with Fetal-Fetal Transfusion Syndrome, a complication that occurs when babies divide the placenta but are in different pouche.

The condition results from the imbalance in blood flow between the two children, causing one to receive more blood than another.

Worried about the health of one of the puppies, Sarah and Dan decided to leave in search of a solution. The doctors then suggested a risky surgery performed even before the babies were born.

The British couple accepted the challenge and, in addition to effectively succeeding in saving the impaired twin, was still toasted with a charming video.

In the images, which you can see below, you can perfectly appreciate the little ones inside Mommy’s belly, who even seem to nod to the ‘camera’! Minutes of pure emotion!

Today, with almost three years, the twins are well and recommend! Science and medicine will never stop surprising us, do not you think?