How to First Breastfeed a Newborn (Check the Video)

Learn how to breastfeed the newborn baby. There are simple gestures that make all the difference! See also the video.

It is a critical time for the health of the baby and the new mom, as well as helping to strengthen the bonds that unite them.

However, it is normal for many women to feel insecure at this stage, which is why they should seek to know well about breastfeeding. Make no mistake: one of the great pleasures of motherhood is being able to feed your child.

Breast milk provides immunoglobulins to the child (antibodies that will make up your immune system, protecting you from gastrointestinal and respiratory infections). In addition, the suckling done by the newborn promotes the mandibular development of the dentition and the muscles of the face, facilitating the breathing.

It also highlights the benefits to the mother herself: it helps the uterus return to normal conditions faster, prevents the development of breast and ovarian cancer, contributes to weight recovery and makes mom feel safe and in harmony With your little one.

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Do you want an advice? Before breast-feeding, hold the baby to your chest, betting on skin-to-skin contact. A simple gesture that will help to relax the child and stimulate natural eating instincts.

Do you doubt that this will make all the difference? Notice the baby’s wonderful smile of pleasure from the images that follow![/read]