Caesarean: The Video That Will Remove all Doubts

Used in cases where vaginal delivery is not advisable, cesarean section follows certain steps. See which ones.

The cesarean is not a “seven-headed bug” and if you are in any doubt about the procedure, the following video will be of great help to you.

Want to understand, step by step, what happens in a birth of this kind? Look for the following pictures!

As a general rule, cesareans are advised when the medical team feels that it is not safe for the mother (or the baby) to deliver a vaginal birth (either because of a poor baby position or for another reason).

Usually the woman is awake (obviously under the effect of anesthesia or epidural).

The surgeon begins by making a cut along the bikini line and then another in the uterus, opening the amniotic pouch and creating space for the baby to exit.

With the child’s head outside, the nurses clean their mouth and nose properly and cut the umbilical cord (making sure the baby is breathing properly). below: