7 Truths About Predictions of Childbirth Date

After all, everything points to a certain day. But it is probable that the forecast … is not even that! Keep calm and know what you can count on.

80% of women give birth between the 37th and 40th weeks of gestation, but after a wait of months for the most awaited moment ever, the temporal window of doubt can be quite uncomfortable!

Is it born this week? In the next? Here are some facts (what you really need to know) about the height of your baby’s birth!

1. There are no infallible calculations

Pregnancy time is calculated by obstetricians taking into account a menstrual cycle of 28 days (internationally standard number). However, women differ from one another, which is why the target date for the end of gestation time will always be an estimate (not something mathematically accurate). Neither through the ultrasound can you know with certainty the day that will forever change our lives.