How to Calm a Crying Baby? ( Check The Video )

It’s a phase of stress and frustration: why does not the baby cry? Write down some tips that could make all the difference.

Having our baby on her lap crying continuously and for no apparent reason can be hopeless. But do not panic! Most likely you are not doing anything wrong. And no, these episodes do not make her a bad mother, even though she feels insecure.

Start by answering five basic questions

Is your puppy hungry? Will the diaper be dirty? Or is it a dream? Is not the little one in need of a change of scenery? Does not the excess of stimuli shake your peace of mind? If, even after excluding these hypotheses, the child continues to cry, there are more SOS tricks, as you can see in the following pictures.

Some examples? Wrap it in a soft blanket so you feel safe, and wrap it tightly together.
Reassure him with a soft “shuuuuuu” and see if the pacifier can make a difference.
It is normal that you feel tired, so do not have problems asking for help or putting the puppy in the cradle.

Most importantly, do not let him cry alone for more than 10 minutes. After that period, insist on the tips again.