Baby’s Priceless Reaction to Easter Hen Laying Eggs

Happy Easter, everyone! We hope that you have a wonderful day celebrating and relaxing with your loved ones. If you’re looking for something to make you laugh or smile today though, look no further than this video.

This baby seems pretty content watching a toy hen bounce around a little, but when the hen starts laying Easter eggs, baby’s reaction is totally priceless (and hilarious).

At first, the baby looks pretty unfazed by the toy; she look a little skeptical, even bored, as if she’s not sure what’s going to happen and she doesn’t really care. But that’s about to change in a second.

Suddenly, the chicken lets out a screech and lays an egg right there on the table! It’s a toy egg, of course, but the baby is completely taken off guard by this turn of events. She starts to laugh and bounce, a shocked look in her wide eyes. It sounds like she’s trying to say something to the camera (probably something to the effect of, “Woah, what just happened?!”), which just comes out as cute baby speak! And as the chicken lays more and more eggs, her reaction gets bigger and more surprised.

We don’t ever think we’ve seen such an adorable reaction to Easter eggs before! Watching this baby’s cavalier attitude quickly turn to so much excitement that she’s bouncing up and down and trying to communicate through gibberish and screaming is amazing. She’s definitely made our day and gotten us excited for Easter!

What do you think of this baby’s reaction to this Easter hen? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.