Big Sister Calms Baby Sister in the Sweetest Way

Some only children aren’t too pleased when a baby joins the family. This adorable little girl, Jessica, definitely isn’t one of them. She is tickled pink to take on the role of big sister, and she may even have a thing or two to teach her mom.

When baby Vanessa begins to cry, Jessica can’t stand idly by; her newest playmate is clearly distraught! So she concocts a brilliant plan to appease her sister:

Get all up in the wee one’s face and tell her that she’s fine. Exhausted parents and grandparents, take note. This tactic works like a charm (or at least it did in this one instance).

Whether Vanessa is simply confused by the golden-ringleted, cherubic tot dominating her line of sight or truly comforted by the repetitive reminder is a mystery. But we’re sure Jessica and Vanessa’s loved ones are grateful to have captured the sisterly bonding on video.