Pregnant in Labor dance “Baby Momma”

Who said that childbirth has to be a time of nervousness and pain? The secret may even be to keep the good mood. A future mom in labor-and already four centimeters dilated-decided to relieve the energy she had accumulated with … a dance.

Visibly disposed, Alexandra Theriault, from Florida, amused herself to the sound of the song “Baby Momma.”

While waiting for ‘H-hour’, the 25-year-old girl had the party, along with best friend Kassandra Hanks. The pregnant woman was so committed that she did not even miss the part of the choreography that is danced on her knees, needing only a ‘little hand’ to get up.

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With such excitement, the baby was soon born, making Alexandra forever remember the moment when, unlike most of the progenitors, she was able to face the delivery with great joy.[/read]