Mother puts camera to shoot twins at night

This mother, after seeing that when she got to the room in the morning, nothing was in the same place! Wanting to get the doubts, he put cameras in the room … and the result was fantastic!

During the night the girls had a lot of fun, see in the video below! Seen these girls did not like sleeping very well and then they were exploring their cribs!

These and other videos show two children interacting randomly and without nexus. Or is it the other way around? Could it be that the children could understand each other in order to interact on a daily basis?

There are several studies on this case and prove exactly the opposite. After several hours of observation there were some very interesting facts:

It is generally believed that babies sleep and suck, and when they express themselves, it is only an emotional discharge. However, this is not so, studies show that they can communicate in a culturally appropriate way very early on.

Although they do not understand the meaning of words, they can learn what they mean by their relationships and the environment around them.

It will be very important to spend as much time as possible with them when they are babies, so that these interpretations come from the closest ones, the parents.

If crying or laughter was a mere emotional discharge, all babies would act the same way. However they cry and laugh differently, depending on the situation.

If we are in the presence of two people who interact with the baby daily, one of them will always be preferred. With this person the interactions, sounds and attitudes are different, and they vary according to the situation and desire.

These little warriors begin life to know much more than you imagine, and with a tremendous capacity of learning and improvisation. If this was forever, have you ever wondered where we could get?