British Gives Birth Twins With Different Skin Colors

No one can contain the surprise, but the photos are conquering the world. Who would not want to have babies like that?

The case is so rare that the probability of it happening is once in a million. Brits Kyle Armstrong and Hannah Yarker were parents of twins and everything went according to plan: the girls were born healthy and beautiful!

Two weeks later, the unlikely thing happened: the babies began to have a different skin tone: one more like the mother and the other with the father (a much darker tone).

The change surprised not only the parents but also the doctors.

Of course, in the street, there is no one who can hide the admiration.

“I can not go to the supermarket, for example, without being interrupted and questioned about girls ‘skin color,” Hannah said, adding that in addition to physical differences, daughters’ personalities are also opposed.

Myla and Anaya, now 10 months old, are real stars! And it’s not the case for less!