Mother Wakes Up From Coma Seven Years After Birth and Meets Her Daughter

What if, after giving birth, she went into a coma and only woke up … seven years later? Can you imagine the scenario? Do you idealize the moment when you could see your son or daughter for the first time? The story, worthy of a movie, is very real.

In 2009, Danijela Kovacevic was in a coma due to complications at childbirth and her life would be suspended until the end of 2016.

After seven painful years in a vegetative state, the woman woke up, thus exchanging the first look with her daughter, Marija. Images that are moving the world.

The story was publicly released following a fund-raising campaign to fund the treatments of Danijela (who is hospitalized in a German clinic).

At this time, the young woman is performing extensive physical therapy (which involves notably the stimulation of brain cells). Progress, these, are perfectly visible. According to the patient’s father, Marija’s mother has gained weight, she can sit and hold small objects with her hands.

Also, understand what they tell you, “react, smile and get angry”. The family is now counting on the citizens’ solidarity to continue to help Danijela.